Grief and Happiness
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The Grief and Happiness Alliance Nonprofit Organization

Formed by a group of compassionate  supporters who see the value and necessity of loving and providing resources for those dealing with grief and loss. We are open to new members who share our vision.

Our Purpose

  • Our purpose is to provide comfort and emotional support to those dealing with  the many expressions of grief and loss. Members will discover a supportive community and learn skills to recapture the experience of happiness.


  • Our vision is to create and sustain a supportive presence which provides a variety of resources addressing the needs of those dealing with grief and loss.


  • Our mission is to serve people dealing with grief and loss by providing online gatherings, building community, and offering workshops and retreats that teach skills for reclaiming happiness.

Core Values

  • Compassion

  • Integrity

  • Optimism

  • Philanthropy

  • Respect

  • Joy

  • Inclusion

We provide our services by the generous donations of our supporters.

You can donate to the Grief and Happiness Alliance Nonprofit Organization as a tax deductible contribution by pressing the button here.

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A letter of endorsement for the Grief and Happiness Alliance:


November 26, 2022

Dear Happiness Supporter,

I have spent the last 25 years committed to teaching people how to live happier lives.   Through my NY Times bestselling books, including Happy for No Reason (which have sold more than 16 million copies in 33 languages), and my presentations all over the world, I realize the urgency of spreading the message of happiness.  I’ve witnessed the happiness work touch the hearts and rekindle the spirits of millions of people. That’s why I’m always thrilled when people discover new ways to share the gift of happiness. 
Emily Thiroux Threatt realized that the work she was already doing to help people deal with grief could be greatly enhanced by also teaching them how to raise their happiness level. I met Emily in 2021 when she was a star student in my Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer Program.  During this program, she conceived of the idea to merge her brilliant work in the area of grief with the concepts and tools of Happy for No Reason.  Shortly after completing her
certification, she founded the Grief and Happiness Alliance, a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve people dealing with grief and loss.  The Alliance provides profoundly supportive online gatherings and a space to build community,and offers workshops and retreats that teach skills for reclaiming happiness–all free of charge. 
It’s evident to me that Emily is a bright light on the planet who’s passionately committed to her mission of doing this work in the world. The core values of the  organization are a direct reflection of her own values of compassion, integrity, optimism, philanthropy, respect, joy and inclusion. Yet, in order for Emily’s  heart-centered non-profit to continue providing these valuable resources to an international community, The Grief and Happiness Alliance must rely on contributions from generous supporters. 
I know from my years of research that supporting others is one way to raise your own happiness level and helping others learn how to be happier (even while dealing with grief and loss) is a powerful way to contribute to the world. So, if you’re feeling inspired to contribute, I encourage you to learn more about the
Grief and Happiness Alliance and donate at: 
I know your important contribution will go a long way to help support people’shappiness at a time when they most need it.  I’m grateful for anything you can do to contribute to this most inspiring and important work.
With every happiness,
Marci Shimoff,
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul


We exist because of your generosity.

Call To Action

We Invite You to Get Involved!


We welcome new members to our organization and would love to have you involved. We encourage you to join us by participating in the support of our organization. While there is no financial obligation, we encourage you to donate what you can.

Here are some ways you can help.

  1. Attending our weekly gatherings.

  2. Inviting people to attend our gatherings.

  3. Creating ways to find people to invite to the Gatherings.

  4. Help creating events

  5. Participating in fundraising

  6. Helping with corporate fundraising

  7. Helping with marketing

  8. Helping with publicity

  9. Researching and writing Grants

  10. Providing technical support

  11. Purchasing The Grief and Happiness Handbook and Cards, both make perfect bereavement gifts.

  12. Donating to the organization, including monthly automatic donations. 

All of these options can be served individually or in teams.

Email: [email protected] to let us know what you are inspired to do.