Grief and Happiness
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Welcome to the Grief and Happiness Alliance

where you can be comforted and supported while you deal with grief positively and find your way to happiness at the same time.


Three paths to explore:

Grief and Happiness Podcast  

The Grief and Happiness Alliance

Weekly Online Meetings

Grief and Happiness Classes

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We all deal with loss

Joining with others who are also grieving can provide the  comfort and support you are seeking

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Together We Focus on Three Areas

Writing Through Grief

Each meeting introduces a  new topic that we write  about then discuss what we discover. 

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Learn Happiness Practices

Each week we wil learn a new happiness practice that will bring more smiles into your life.


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Make New Friends

Each week we will have breakout sessions where you can get to know members of the Alliance.


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Emily Thiroux Threatt.

My good friends and I have created this space to provide opportunities for you to explore what you are dealing with and discover ways to feel at least a little better every day.

We are so happy to see you here!

More about me

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There is no charge for the Alliance becasue of the generosity of the Grief and Happiness Alliance Nonprofit Organization

Each week we meet for an hour on Sundays at 9 AM Hawaii Standard Time,

Noon PST, and 3 EST

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We provide our services by the generous donations of our supporters.

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