Grief and Happiness
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The Grief and Happiness Gathering

9 AM HST, Noon PST, 3 PM EST

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Here are Some Guidelines for Our Gatherings 

 Please note: This is a peer support group.  Our facilitators are not trained therapists.  

We strive to create a safer environment in which we are all actively involved in caring for and respecting one another. Regardless of your personal training in life, this is a writing and sharing group. It is not group therapy. Support, listening, witnessing, and honoring are our tasks.  

Please remember, we are not all in the same place on our journey of grief – or happiness – and it is essential that we do not pressure one another to feel, think, or speak in a way that is uncomfortable for one another.   

What is shared here is to be honored and kept confidential.   

We will begin within two minutes after the hour. If you arrive in the Zoom Room late, you will be let in. If there is any information you might have missed, it will be put in the chat by our Zoom Room administrator.   

This gathering typically includes a time to share in a breakout room.  You are not required to accept the invitation to join a room or speak if you don’t feel ready to share.  

Please show up as a learner, open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. 

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